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Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Identified As A Must Experience Canadian Festival in 2017 by Expedia.ca


(Thursday, March 2, 2017) Renowned travel site www.expedia.ca released a comprehensive list of 17 Must-Experience Festivals in Canada in 2017, and we were thrilled to discover Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest was on that list.

According to the travel website, the 17 Must-Experience Festivals were “…chosen based on factors like national buzz, local pride, strength of headliners, and wacky sights you simply can’t miss”. With Canada’s 150th anniversary coming up “…towns around the provinces are showcasing their biggest festivals yet”.

Other Must Experience Festivals on the 2017 Expedia list include Country Thunder in Saskatchewan, Montebello Rockfest in Quebec, Winnipeg Folk Festival in Manitoba and the Cavendish Beach Music Festival in Prince Edward Island.

“We are really excited to be included in the recent Expedia.ca Travel Blog providing an open invitation for guests to join Canada’s Greatest Bavarian Festival. Over 700,000 of our closest friends come each year to Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest to take part in over 40 Family and Cultural activities, attend Canada’s nationally televised Thanksgiving Day Parade and celebrate together in one of the many Festhalls raising a pint with new and old friends.” said Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest new President Margo Jones.

For a complete list of the 17 Must-Experience Festivals in Canada in 2017, simply visit https://travelblog.expedia.ca/ and click on the appropriate blog.

The 49th annual Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest celebration will be taking place October 6-14, 2017 and all the details can we found at www.oktoberfest.ca

About Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest

Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest is a not-for-profit Bavarian festival founded in 1969 by a group of volunteers committed to contributing to the social and economic vitality of Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada twin cities with German heritage. Canada's Greatest Bavarian Festival celebrates German heritage, food, music and festivities and is supported by more than 50 not-for-profit organizations. The festival is operated by eight year-round full-time staff, over 500 volunteers and 1,300 Community and Service Club volunteers that stage the nine-day festival each October promoting a unique German cultural experience. As well as the $22.2M economic benefit the festival gives the local economy during the international festival, over $1.5 million is raised each year by the not-for-profit organizations associated with Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, one of the top three most recognized event brands in Canada.

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For additional information:

Dave MacNeil
Executive Director, K-W Oktoberfest Inc.
519-570-4267 ext. 222


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